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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 Sirio LED Panel Product Code Description Finish Height x Ø 78541 18W SirioDISC Adjustable Matt white 15mm x 230mm SirioDISC Adjustable The SirioDISC adjustable is an ideal choice for all office and corridor lighting. The ultra slim profile can be placed into the slimmest of voids and the adjustable back means it can fit in any size hole in the ceiling and it can be easily surface mounted as well. The edge lit technology and high power SMD LEDs offer an even, superior light output, with no dark spots and reduced glare. The Sirio LED panel range boasts an ultra slim design is perfect for T-bar ceilings and is supplied with a flicker free LED driver. The specially designed aluminium extrusion ensures that the maximum light shines into the laser etched light transmitter and that the heat is properly dissipated from the LEDs. The optional suspension kit will fit all of the panels and there are surface mounted kits for each of the sizes. The panel is supplied with a driver, but should you need extra control, our DALI and 1-10V driver or the daylight harvesting driver for intelligent lighting management are available to buy as accessories. Also our standard emergency driver kit can be used too. • Super bright LEDs ensuring efficiency & high performance • Polystyrene diffuser which gives a smooth & even light output • Polycarbonate reflector ensures that the scattered light if reflected forward • Constructed from aluminium alloy & polystyrene Code Description Dimensions length x width x height Colour temp. Lumen lm/W 75505 Sirio 40W 595 x 595 x 8mm 3000K 3400lm 85 75506 Sirio 40W 595 x 595 x 8mm 4000K 3600lm 90 75507 Sirio 40W 595 x 595 x 8mm 6000K 3600lm 90 75509 Sirio 40W 1195 x 595 x 10mm 4000K 6000lm 100 75512 Sirio 40W 1195 x 295 x 10mm 4000K 3600lm 90 75515 Sirio 40W 1195 x 145 x 10mm 4000K 3400lm 85 Code Description Dimensions 75145 DALI 1-10V dimmable L: 123 x W: 79 x H: 24mm 54759 Emergency conversion kit (40W) L: 180 x W: 43 x H: 30mm 75486 Emergency conversion kit (60W) L: 180 x W: 43 x H: 30mm 75518 Sirio suspension kit L: 200-1000mm 75519 Sirio surface mount kit Sq: 600mm proj: 43mm 75520 Sirio surface mount kit L: 1200mm x W: 600mm proj: 43mm 75521 Sirio surface mount kit L: 1200mm x W: 150-300mm proj: 43mm 75145 75519 75518 54759 • Matt white textured polycarbonate & opal plastic • Constructed from polycarbonate & polystyrene • Complete with integrated control gear • 18W LED module (SMD 4014) Cool White (Included) • K: 4000 Lm: 1450 Lm/W: 81 • Class 2 • Cut hole Dia: 65-205mm SAXBY LIGHTING www.saxbylighting.com