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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 KOSNIC LIGHTING www.kosnic.com LED DD & Bulkhead 3 standard warranty Years 5 extended warranty by application Years Pico / Pico-i 2 pin / 4 pin Code Watt Lumen CCT Standard DD lamp KLED09STD 9W 1050lm 4000k KLED12STD 12W 1220 / 1320 / 1320lm 3000 / 4000 / 6500K KLED18STD 18W 1780 / 1880 / 1880lm 3000 / 4000 / 6500K Dimmable DD lamp KLED12DIMD 12W 1240lm 4000k Sensor DD lamp KLED12CRD 12W 1200 / 1300 / 1200lm 3000 / 4000 / 6500K KLED18CRD 18W 1800lm 4000K Dusk to Dawn DD lamp KLED12DTD 12W 1240lm 4000K K2D - Watt & CCT Switch K2DC9-18STD 9-18W Wattage & CCT dependent 3000 / 4000 / 5000K K2DC9-18CRD 9-18W Wattage & CCT dependent 3000 / 4000 / 5000K K2D Retro KRTDQ12HFB 12W 1400lm 2700 / 3000K Blanca / Blanca-i Attachable clip-on rings available Code Description IP65 Bulkhead for LED DD lamps KBHDDC6S65 Polycarbonate bulkhead KBHDDC6S65/E Emergency version KBHDDC6S65-WHT Polycarbonate bulkhead with white polo ring KBHDDC6S65/E-WHT Emergency version Ring Attachment KBHC6-TLID Eyelid Black KBHC6-TWLD Eyelid White KBHC6-TBLK Polo Black KBHC6-TWHT Polo White KBHC6-TCHM Polo Chrome KBHC6-TBAS Polo Brass Code Description KBHDDC7S65 IP65 Bulkhead with Decorative Trim Options Ring Attachment KBHC7-TLID Black Eyelid Detachable Ring KBHC7-TBLK Black Edge Detachable Ring Viso LED DD lamp IP65 & IK10 Vandal Resistant Bulkhead for LED DD lamps Code Description KBHDDC9S65-WHT Slim IP65 & Vandal Resistant Bulkhead Ring Attachment KBHC9-TCHM Chrome Detachable Ring KBHC9-TBAS Brass Detachable Ring Ossa IP65 & IK10 Bulkhead for K2D IP65 bulkhead IP65 Bulkhead with Integrated LED tray KBHCT12C6S65 Standard 12W 1120lm 4000K BHCT12C6S65/E Emergency 12W 1200lm 4000K Code Description Watt Lumen CCT Twist & Lock IP44 Fast-Fit LED Bulkhead Code Watt Lumen CCT KBHCT09C8S44 9W 730lm 4000K KBHCT12C8S44 12W 880lm 4000K KBHCT18C8S44 18W 1350lm 4000K Code KBHDDC11S44 Bulkhead, for 9W 4-Pin LED DD Lamps 260mm KBHDDC12S44 Bulkhead, for all 4-Pin LED DD Lamps 330mm KBHDDC13S44 Bulkhead, for all 4-Pin LED DD Lamps 380mm Code CEC02LBL/N Emergency module for 12W & 18W KBHCTC8-MWS Microwave sensor for 12W & 18W Pico Pico-i with integrated LED tray Pico Optional Gear