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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 Endurance LED 1200 x 600mm • Recessed panel • Supplied c/w remote driver • High performance • Maintenance free LED panel • 60W panel outperforms 3 x 28W T5 • Cool white and warm white options • White anodised aluminium frame for visual compatibility with ceiling grid • Low glare and even light distribution for multiple applications • Panel Pod emergency option • Panel Pod sensor option • LED lifespan L70 40,000 hours • 5 year warranty AERMLED/120/CW Cool white AERMLED/120/WW Warm white AERMLED/120/DL Daylight Defender LED • IP65 Clean air recessed modular • Supplied c/w integral driver • Sealed LED luminaire to endure arduous environments • High quality steel housing with welded frame and secured by Easy Fix style brackets • Frame fitted with TP(a) rated diffuser providing excellent diffusion and outstanding light transmission • Suitable for areas such as laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, kitchens and showers • LED lifespan L70 56,000 hours • 5 year warranty Brooklyn LED Bi-directional Panel • High performance bi-directional suspendable LED panel • Integral LED driver provides a unique aesthetically pleasing design • Supplied c/w 1.2m suspension kit as standard • Lumens delivered: 4509lm • LED lifespan L70 48,000 hours • 1-10V dimmable as standard ABROLED 36WWhite Eagle LED • Modern, slim, 3-in-1 LED exit sign • Self test option • One fitting that enables choice of three different mounting options: suspension; recessed or side arm wall mounting • Viewing distance 25m • Total (watts) 2.5W • CCT 6500K • Input 230V AE3LED/3M/W Maintained/non-maintained - white AE3LED/3M/SI Maintained/non-maintained - silver AE3LED/3M/W/ST Maintained/non-maintained - white (self test) AE3LED/ALAR Double sided legend - Arrow left and right AE3LED/L/AD Double sided legend - Arrow down AE3LED/L/AU Double sided legend - Arrow up Encore LED • Ultra slim modern LED exit sign • Self text option • Neat picture frame appearance compared to conventional fluorescent exit signs • Supplied with all legend options - arrow down and arrow left/right • Viewing distance 29m • Total (watts) 2.6W • CCT 6500K • Input 230V AENLED/3M/W Maintained/non-maintained - white AENLED/3M/SG Maintained/non-maintained - silver grey AENLED/3M/W/ST Maintained/non-maintained - white (self test) ANSELL LIGHTING www.anselluk.com ADELED 48W Cool white Options /M3 Emergency Gemini • High specification full enclosed linear luminaire • Microprism diffuser for excelled photometric performance • Suitable for surface and suspension • Ideal for most commercial and educational applications • LED lifespan L70 56,000 hours AGELED2X4 40W AGELED2X5 54W Options /M3 Emergency /DD LED Dimmable /DD/M3 LED Dimmable Emergency Accessories ASK1 Suspension Kit