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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 Model Loading H x W x Dmm RGS7 Glow 7.5kW 365 x 228 x 72 RGS8 Glow 8.5kW 365 x 228 x 72 RGS9 Glow 9.5kW 365 x 228 x 72 RGS10 Glow 10.5kW 365 x 228 x 72 Glow Electric Shower Quick and easy installation with SmartFit™ Technology, making it the ultimate replacement shower. This product has a phased shutdown. Model Loading H x W x Dmm RPS7 Pure 7.5kW 301 x 211 x 70 RPS8 Pure 8.5kW 301 x 211 x 70 RPS9 Pure 9.5kW 301 x 211 x 70 RPS10 Pure 10.5kW 301 x 211 x 70 Pure Electric Shower Combines attractive good looks with an even more attractive price point. Operating water pressure: 1-10bar (15-150psi) Entry points: 6 cable & 8 water Approvals: BEAB & CE mark Operating water pressure: 1-10bar (15-150psi) Entry points: 3 cable & 4 water Approvals: BEAB & CE mark Powerstream Ascari Electric Boiler • Integral circulation pump and expansion vessel • Auto-adaptability - minimising energy input, smooth temperature variation of the home and on/off cycling of the boiler • Compact design - fits into most spaces • Low maintenance - no requirement for annual service or safety check (5 year check) • Near silent operation • Selectable heating system water temperature, 21ºC - 80ºC, allows low energy setting of heating • Cast iron engine for thermal stability • Ideal for well insulated properties of up to 80m • Min/max control adjusts the water temperature output from the boiler • No flue and no fuel tanks give a safe and flexible installation Instant Hand Wash Units Hand operated instant hand wash unit, connected to a cold water supply only and the mains electricity to provide instant hot water. AV3S Autosensor 3kW A compact, wall mounted warm water dispenser, delivering an unlimited supply of heated water with autosensor technology. IV3S 3.3kW Both models • Energy Efficiency Class - A • Simple to fit direct swap with previous Redring I3V installations • Heat on neon indicator and overheat protection • Anti-vandal spray head and swivel 200mm stainless steel spray arm • Timed shut off after 40 seconds save water and power • Installer adjusted water temperature on Autosensor only This electric boiler provides a versatile and safe way of heating water wherever there’s mains electricity. GLEN DIMPLEX HEATING & VENTILATION www.dimplex.co.uk